JS Aurelius is a multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited visual, sound, conceptual and performance art presentations both nationally and internationally. 

He works at the intersections of extreme music and new media, having exhibited solo and group works at institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; ALL, Shanghai; Fylkingen at Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm; Arizona Statue University, Tempe; Kraftwerk, Berlin; Berghain, Berlin; Laboratório das Artes, Guimarães; and at countless festivals and residencies for experimental and contemporary art around the world.

Co-founder of the Ascetic House / the Society of Musical Esotericism / Acousmatic Industries
New Forms Media Society / New Forms Festival 
Resident at
s.M.i.L.e. (VAN) / THRESHOLD (LA/PHX) 

Management / booking:

RA: JS Aurelius




•06/2018 "Генеральная репетиция" solo performance at Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, RUS
•06/2018 "Shanghai Community Radio 1yr Anniversary" solo performance at ALL, Shanghai, CN
•06/2018 "Hong Kong Community Radio" solo performance at HKCR, Hong Kong, HK
•06/2018 "JOY" solo performance at Aglomerat, Moscow, RUS
•06/2018 "Destruction Chaos Vol. 25" solo performance with Toshiji Mikawa, Linekraft at Forestlimit, Tokyo, JP
•12/2017 "Big Joy Experimental Arts Festival" with Greg Kelley, Ian William Craig, Sasha Ford, Vancouver, B.C., CA
• 01/2017 "Corridor Experimental Arts Festival" with Kevin Drumm, Cameron Shafii, Russell E.L. Butler, Seattle, WA, US
• 08/2016 "Berlin Atonal festival for sonic and visual art" Kraftwerk, Berlin, DE
• 07/2016 "Milhões De Festa guest in residence with Varg and SOOPA collective" Porto, PT
• 07/2016 "Ascetic House at Creepy Teepee avant-garde multimedia festival" Kutná Hora, CZ
• 10/2015 "Exhibition of Selected Written Works, Printed Materials & Assorted Propaganda: 2011-15" Sunset Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
• 10/2015 "Not Death Yet x Threshold" with Varg, Encapsulate at DDL, Toronto, ON
• 05/2015 "Raw Sound Transgression" with Genesis P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway, Merzbow, Prurient at Output Club, Brooklyn, NY
• 05/2015 "Eden One: Movement Detroit" with Vatican Shadow, Covered In Sand, Varg at Garden Theater, Detroit, MI
• 04/2015 "LORKAS & the MCAC at Arizona State University" with John Wiese at Hayden Lawn, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
• 11/2014 "Downwards Nacht" with Surgeon, FM Einheit, Broken English Club, Silent Servant at Berghain, Berlin, DE
• 11/2014 "Revolve" with Alex Zhang Hungtai at Laboratório das Artes, Guimarães, Portugal
• 10/2014 "Konspirationen & Masskultur" with V. Eremita, Totenpaahle at EMS Studios Fylkingen, Stockholm, SWE
• 08/2013 "Machines Water The Plants Now" residency at Blackdot Gallery, Montreal, QC
• 12/2012 "Sound And Vision After The End Of The World" with Leather Bath, Anti Civ Mask at Human Resources, L.A., CA
• 08/2012 "Perro Peligroso" at Putzuzulo Gaztetxea, Zarautz, ES


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L'Ascete - Magazine of Contemporary Culture No. 2
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J.S. Aurelius - Towards Madness [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - Towards Madness (2nd Edition) [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - Towards Death [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - The Birth Of Death [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - A Book To Read To Other Books [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - Desire Unknown [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - Parakletos (Holy Spirit) [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - How The Mind Operates On Itself [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - TR The Painter [Ascetic House Press]
J.S. Aurelius - The American Fighting Man [Ascetic House Press]


J.S. Aurelius - "-165dBm_Hz electromagnetic eavesdropped 1D-signal" (Cass, Ltd) Dead Gods 2017
V/A - The Ashes Of Howard Beach (Cass, comp) Permanent Sleep Press 2017
J.S. Aurelius - Emergency Contact Ringtone (Cass, Ltd) Joy De Vivre 2017
Silent Servant ‎– EGR45-00003 (12", Single, Ltd) Elektron Grammofon 2016
J.S. Aurelius - Goofin' Drones ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, C38) Alter 2016
J.S. Aurelius - Sympathy For My Demon Brother ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd) Ascetic House 2015
J.S. Aurelius - Hallucinognosis Loops ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2015
Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor (LP) Sacred Bones Records, Adult Swim 2015
Boys Of Paradise - Onyx (Bachelorette Dub) ‎(Cass, Ltd, C30) Ascetic House 2015
Marshstepper - El Prat De Llobregat, Catalonia (Cass) Cønjuntø Vacíø 2015
Marshstepper - Laboratório Das Artes, Guimarães (Cass) Ascetic House, Revolve 2015
Destruction Unit - Live in SF (LP) Castle Face 2015
Marshstepper - A New Sacrament Of Penance(LP) Downwards 2014
Pleasure Korps. - Blessings (Cass) Nostilevo 2014
J.S. Aurelius / Marie Davidson - Vaste Obscurité / L'Espoir... ‎(7", Single) Neuromodulation 2014
J.S. Aurelius - Slime of the Chasm ‎(Cass, Single, Ltd) Handmade Birds 2014
J.S. Aurelius - A Little Song For The Maimed ‎(7", lat) Gilgongo Records 2014
Sublimation - Brain Ded ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2014
Boys Of Paradise - Snakes Of The Far West ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2014
Destruction Unit - Live in Haarlem (Cass) Ascetic House 2014
Destruction Unit / Merchandise / Milk Music - USA '13 (LP) 540 Records 2014
Marshstepper - Give Yourself To The Moon(Cass) Ascetic House 2014
J.S. Aurelius - For Luxury Or Therapy? ‎(Cass) Cactus Man Records 2014
J.S. Aurelius - Machines Water The Plants Now ‎(Cass) Chondritic Sound 2014
Destruction Unit - Deep Trip (LP) Sacred Bones Records 2013
Destruction Unit - Two Strong Hits (7") Suicide Squeeze 2013
Destruction Unit - The Holy Ghost / The Church Of Jesus Christ ‎(7") Big Love Records 2013
Marshstepper - Live at MATA (Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Marshstepper / Jock Club - Split (Cass) Ascetic House, Mount Analog 2013
Destruction Unit - Live At The Marquee ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2013
J.S. Aurelius - Music For Drinking Tea ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Marshstepper - The Transgression Continues... ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Marshstepper - The Scourge, The Dagger, And The Chain (Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Boys Of Paradise - World Day Of The Sick ‎(Cass, Ltd) Ascetic House 2013
Boys Of Paradise - Kofa Sessions ‎(Cass, Album) Ascetic House 2013
Destruction Unit - Direct Mystical Transmission (Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Avon Ladies - S/T ‎(7", Gre) Distort, Fashionable Idiots 2013
Marshstepper - S/T (LP) Chondritic Sound 2012
Pigeon Religion - Postmortem Report ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Tempe SS / Avon Ladies - Heroin Heaven / Overlords Chambermaids ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Avon Ladies - Guns & Gold ‎(7") Katorga Works 2011
Avon Ladies - Five (5) ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Jungle Monk - Sandy Sessions (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Live At The Bone Yard (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Destruction Unit - Void (LP, Cass) Ascetic House, Jolly Dream 2012
Marshstepper - Live At Thee Meat Market (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Live Mayhem (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Performance Of Death (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Leather Dripping Fetish (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Pleasure Korps. - Sovereign Citizen (Cass) Ascetic House 2011
Usual Ire - Garden of Gethsemane (Cass) Ascetic House 2011
United 93 - Black Cloud Factory (Cass) Ascetic House 2011
Pigeon Religion - Crystallized Meth (Cass, 7") Video Disease Records 2009
Pigeon Religion - Scorpion Milk (7") Parts Unknown Records 2009
Pigeon Religion - Dead Boss (7") Gilgongo Records, Jarson Intl 2009
Pigeon Religion - Warm Insides (Cass, 7") Drone Errant, Gilgongo Records 2009
Pigeon Religion - Live ... In The Southwest ‎(Cass, S/Sided) Ascetic House 2010
Pigeon Religion - Live At KDVS ‎(Cass) Campaign For Infinity 2010
Pigeon Religion - Live In The ER.... ‎(Cass, Ltd) Smoke And Mirrors 2008
Pigeon Religion - Why Do You Hate (Pigeon Religion)? (12" LP) Ascetic House, Ward-9 2008


Call Dibs mix for Berlin Community Radio (Call Dibs #33)
GMA30 - Grey Matter Archives
"the music is whatever 2" (Halcyon Veil HVMIX007)
"Liberation From The Affluent Society" (THRESHOLD YVR promo mix)
"If You Don't Got Bass Don't Bump This Mix" (August 2016)
musicForProgramming("38: J.S. Aurelius");
KWFUCC 87.9 Phoenix Pirate Radio mix
Farewell, Forever X
Blackened Disco 27: JS Aurelius