JS Aurelius is a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersections of music, performance and new media. He has exhibited visual, sound, conceptual and performance art presentations both nationally and internationally. 

Co-founder of the Ascetic House / the Society of Musical Esotericism / Acousmatic Industries
New Forms Media Society / New Forms Festival 
Resident at
s.M.i.L.e. (VAN) / THRESHOLD (LA/PHX) 

Management / booking:

RA: JS Aurelius



5. MIX


•06/2018 "Генеральная репетиция" solo performance at Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, RUS
•06/2018 "Shanghai Community Radio 1yr Anniversary" solo performance at ALL, Shanghai, CN
•06/2018 "Hong Kong Community Radio" solo performance at HKCR, Hong Kong, HK
•06/2018 "JOY" solo performance at Aglomerat, Moscow, RUS
•06/2018 "Destruction Chaos Vol. 25" solo performance with Toshiji Mikawa, Linekraft at Forestlimit, Tokyo, JP
•12/2017 "Big Joy Experimental Arts Festival" with Greg Kelley, Ian William Craig, Sasha Ford, Vancouver, B.C., CA
• 01/2017 "Corridor Experimental Arts Festival" with Kevin Drumm, Cameron Shafii, Russell E.L. Butler, Seattle, WA, US
• 08/2016 "Berlin Atonal festival for sonic and visual art" Kraftwerk, Berlin, DE
• 07/2016 "Milhões De Festa guest in residence with Varg and SOOPA collective" Porto, PT
• 07/2016 "Ascetic House at Creepy Teepee avant-garde multimedia festival" Kutná Hora, CZ
• 10/2015 "Exhibition of Selected Written Works, Printed Materials & Assorted Propaganda: 2011-15" Sunset Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
• 10/2015 "Not Death Yet x Threshold" with Varg, Encapsulate at DDL, Toronto, ON
• 05/2015 "Raw Sound Transgression" with Genesis P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway, Merzbow, Prurient at Output Club, Brooklyn, NY
• 05/2015 "Eden One: Movement Detroit" with Vatican Shadow, Covered In Sand, Varg at Garden Theater, Detroit, MI
• 04/2015 "LORKAS & the MCAC at Arizona State University" with John Wiese at Hayden Lawn, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
• 11/2014 "Downwards Nacht" with Surgeon, FM Einheit, Broken English Club, Silent Servant at Berghain, Berlin, DE
• 11/2014 "Revolve" with Alex Zhang Hungtai at Laboratório das Artes, Guimarães, Portugal
• 10/2014 "Konspirationen & Masskultur" with V. Eremita, Totenpaahle at EMS Studios Fylkingen, Stockholm, SWE
• 08/2013 "Machines Water The Plants Now" residency at Blackdot Gallery, Montreal, QC
• 12/2012 "Sound And Vision After The End Of The World" with Leather Bath, Anti Civ Mask at Human Resources, L.A., CA
• 08/2012 "Perro Peligroso" at Putzuzulo Gaztetxea, Zarautz, ES

J.S. Aurelius - "-165dBm_Hz electromagnetic eavesdropped 1D-signal" (Cass, Ltd) Dead Gods 2017
V/A - The Ashes Of Howard Beach (Cass, comp) Permanent Sleep Press 2017
J.S. Aurelius - Emergency Contact Ringtone (Cass, Ltd) Joy De Vivre 2017
Silent Servant ‎– EGR45-00003 (12", Single, Ltd) Elektron Grammofon 2016
J.S. Aurelius - Goofin' Drones ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, C38) Alter 2016
J.S. Aurelius - Sympathy For My Demon Brother ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd) Ascetic House 2015
J.S. Aurelius - Hallucinognosis Loops ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2015
Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor (LP) Sacred Bones Records, Adult Swim 2015
Boys Of Paradise - Onyx (Bachelorette Dub) ‎(Cass, Ltd, C30) Ascetic House 2015
Marshstepper - El Prat De Llobregat, Catalonia (Cass) Cønjuntø Vacíø 2015
Marshstepper - Laboratório Das Artes, Guimarães (Cass) Ascetic House, Revolve 2015
Destruction Unit - Live in SF (LP) Castle Face 2015
Marshstepper - A New Sacrament Of Penance(LP) Downwards 2014
Pleasure Korps. - Blessings (Cass) Nostilevo 2014
J.S. Aurelius / Marie Davidson - Vaste Obscurité / L'Espoir... ‎(7", Single) Neuromodulation 2014
J.S. Aurelius - Slime of the Chasm ‎(Cass, Single, Ltd) Handmade Birds 2014
J.S. Aurelius - A Little Song For The Maimed ‎(7", lat) Gilgongo Records 2014
Sublimation - Brain Ded ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2014
Boys Of Paradise - Snakes Of The Far West ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2014
Destruction Unit - Live in Haarlem (Cass) Ascetic House 2014
Destruction Unit / Merchandise / Milk Music - USA '13 (LP) 540 Records 2014
Marshstepper - Give Yourself To The Moon(Cass) Ascetic House 2014
J.S. Aurelius - For Luxury Or Therapy? ‎(Cass) Cactus Man Records 2014
J.S. Aurelius - Machines Water The Plants Now ‎(Cass) Chondritic Sound 2014
Destruction Unit - Deep Trip (LP) Sacred Bones Records 2013
Destruction Unit - Two Strong Hits (7") Suicide Squeeze 2013
Destruction Unit - The Holy Ghost / The Church Of Jesus Christ ‎(7") Big Love Records 2013
Marshstepper - Live at MATA (Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Marshstepper / Jock Club - Split (Cass) Ascetic House, Mount Analog 2013
Destruction Unit - Live At The Marquee ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2013
J.S. Aurelius - Music For Drinking Tea ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Marshstepper - The Transgression Continues... ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Marshstepper - The Scourge, The Dagger, And The Chain (Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Boys Of Paradise - World Day Of The Sick ‎(Cass, Ltd) Ascetic House 2013
Boys Of Paradise - Kofa Sessions ‎(Cass, Album) Ascetic House 2013
Destruction Unit - Direct Mystical Transmission (Cass) Ascetic House 2013
Avon Ladies - S/T ‎(7", Gre) Distort, Fashionable Idiots 2013
Marshstepper - S/T (LP) Chondritic Sound 2012
Pigeon Religion - Postmortem Report ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Tempe SS / Avon Ladies - Heroin Heaven / Overlords Chambermaids ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Avon Ladies - Guns & Gold ‎(7") Katorga Works 2011
Avon Ladies - Five (5) ‎(Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Jungle Monk - Sandy Sessions (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Live At The Bone Yard (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Destruction Unit - Void (LP, Cass) Ascetic House, Jolly Dream 2012
Marshstepper - Live At Thee Meat Market (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Live Mayhem (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Performance Of Death (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Marshstepper - Leather Dripping Fetish (Cass) Ascetic House 2012
Pleasure Korps. - Sovereign Citizen (Cass) Ascetic House 2011
Usual Ire - Garden of Gethsemane (Cass) Ascetic House 2011
United 93 - Black Cloud Factory (Cass) Ascetic House 2011
Pigeon Religion - Crystallized Meth (Cass, 7") Video Disease Records 2009
Pigeon Religion - Scorpion Milk (7") Parts Unknown Records 2009
Pigeon Religion - Dead Boss (7") Gilgongo Records, Jarson Intl 2009
Pigeon Religion - Warm Insides (Cass, 7") Drone Errant, Gilgongo Records 2009
Pigeon Religion - Live ... In The Southwest ‎(Cass, S/Sided) Ascetic House 2010
Pigeon Religion - Live At KDVS ‎(Cass) Campaign For Infinity 2010
Pigeon Religion - Live In The ER.... ‎(Cass, Ltd) Smoke And Mirrors 2008
Pigeon Religion - Why Do You Hate (Pigeon Religion)? (12" LP) Ascetic House, Ward-9 2008